The qCHOICE study is the qualitative component of CHOICE. It employs a process evaluation approach that includes an online survey and five case studies. qCHOICE explores the contextual influences on the implementation of induction of labour (IOL) services, acceptability of at-home cervical ripening to women, their families, and other key stakeholders, and women’s experiences of IOL.

The online survey focuses on women’s induction of labour decisions and experiences. It covers experiences during labour and birth (including any potential anxiety, physical and emotional discomfort) and women’s well-being during the cervical ripening procedure. Each case study involves interviews and focus groups with women, partners, and health professionals and audio recording of consultations where IOL is discussed.

At the end of summer 2020, the study set-up phase for the process evaluation was completed. qCHOICE is currently being conducted alongside the CHOICE study. The emerging findings will be shared and discussed with a group of service users to develop a logic model and explanatory framework.

If you are interested in finding out more about qCHOICE, please contact CHOICE.Study@ed.ac.uk.